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All About Double Brushed Wool

At Belle & Bloom, we have found our niche with wool and wool blend coats that provide affordable luxury to our customer. Today, we will explain why this natural fibre is the best choice for your cold weather needs:

Fun Facts About Wool

  • It is a natural and renewable source. Wool, as you probably already know, comes from sheep which produce new fleece every year. Bonus, wool is also biodegradable.
  • It wicks moisture. Wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture and then moves it away from your skin to evaporate into the air. This action is what keeps you dry and warm throughout the winter. Wool fibres also react to the changes in your body temperature and can also cool you down when you're overheating as it wicks away the sweat. 
  • It resists stains and odours. Wool textiles have a unique outer layer that helps repel stains and keeps them from being absorbed. The odour resistant properties come from the fibres ability to keep the skin dry and prevent the build-up of sweat and bacteria.
  • It is wrinkle resistant. Wool fibres have a natural crimp and allows the fabric to retain its shape and have great crease recovery. Some of our Belle & Bloom coats are made with wool blends which also has its advantages: the blends keep the coats more affordable and even more wrinkle resistant, thanks to the polyester. 

 Double Brushed Wool

Our coats are made from double brushed wool, which means the surface of the fabric is the treated the same on both side and is equally soft. This comfortable and plush handfeel means that we don't need to use lining. No lining allows for softer silhouettes, keeps the coat lightweight and from looking too stiff. Unlined wool coats require the highest level of craftsmanship as all seams are enclosed and appear the same on both the outside and inside of the coat. There are no visible threads or uneven seams which would typically hide inside of a lining. 

Hopefully this short explanation on double brushed wool highlights the high quality of workmanship, style and value that our Belle & Bloom coats provide. Happy shopping!