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Unsatisfied with a Product You Purchased?
If you receive a product from us and have purchased it from this website and you are not completely satisfied with the size, colour, style etc we are more than happy to exchange the items purchased provided they are returned to us in original and new condition and within 21 days of you receiving the shipment.

You are responsible for the postage costs of returning the item to us. We will cover the cost of shipping a replacement item to you on the first exchange however any subsequent exchanges will incur additional postage charges. You will be charged for the additional items sent if you fail to return the original items back to us by the specified time period, however we will notify you prior to charging you for the outstanding item. This condition applies Australia wide only. International orders will be charged reshipping fees.

Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for any problems occurring in transit with products returned to us. The total amount for the items returned and accepted will be refunded to the card holder's credit card on which the original payment was made. The amount refunded will be made in Australian Dollars as per your original purchase.

Manufacturing Faults
We endeavour to create the highest quality products. It's important to note the natural characteristics of leather. Leather may show natural characteristics of vein lines, neck wrinkles, firebrand, and scars. In regards to scars, the life of a herd is eventful, which can reflect on the skin of the animal; scratches caused by the barbed wire, wounds and abrasions. The traces of these experiences left on the leather are not, therefore, defects but they are in fact the proof that we are in front of a completely natural product. Leather is a substance which keeps its properties unchanged for many many years, but it must be looked after with care: it must not be overloaded with weight or stress, it must be kept far from strong heat sources, sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from water.

If any product you purchased within 6 months from this website contains a fault that is not a natural characteristic of leather or is not a result of natural wear and tear, please contact us immediately with your copy of your receipt/invoice details with the explanation of the fault(please contact your retailer if purchased from a re-seller). On return of the item we will send it to quality control for evaluation and if product is deemed to be a manufacturing fault happily repair the bag. If the bag is deemed totally unrepairable we will exchange with either the same bag or similar bag if unavailable.

Further Questions?
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