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When we can travel again...

April 22, 2021 2 min read


We don't need to tell you that it's been a difficult year. One of the things that's getting us through are the dreams of the places we'll visit when we can travel again.


Tulum, Mexico is at the top of our list

Called the City of Dawn, Tulum has way of wooing everyone that visits. The air warm, pregnant with magic. She will put a spell you with her streets full of colour, her glacier blue low tide, never ending margaritas and lounge chairs.

We'll rent bikes and ride to the beach in a skirt set


We'll swim in the warm waters of every cenote within a 100km radius. We'll be asked to wear life jackets but we don't mind.


We'll explore the Tulum Ruins and the pools of Tulum, it's hot so we wear mini dressesand sun hats.


We'll meet you there.


Wishing on a star to visit Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv means, 'Spring Hill', in Hebrew has an air of perpetual renewal: flowers bloom, new restaurants open and there's always a party somewhere.

We'll graze over buffet breakfasts filled with fresh juice, grapefruit and tables full of pastries.  There will be shakshuka and eggs anyway we want them. We'll choose poached. We'll drink our almond flat whites, wearing our favourite summer dressesand watch the waves of Tel Aviv wash in.


We'll make some friends, they drive us out to the Dead Sea. There'll be another buffet, a spa and pools. We'll take off our wrap dresses, cover ourselves in mud like all of the other tourists and wade into the biting sea. We'll be surprised when sharp salt floor stings our feet. We'll float away and promise never to go home.


We'll meander the winding alleys of Old Jaffa, brimming with art galleries, craft shops and stalls selling antiques and jewellery at the animated Jaffa Flea Market. We'll stop for bottles of wine at the shoebox sized bars and dine at Mediterranean cafes.



When we tire of salty swells, we'll retire to a rooftop pool. We'll watch the waves were just riding, roll in. With negronis in our hands, scarves in our hair and the sun on our faces, we'll farewell Tel Aviv.

We'll meet you there.


Longing for Havana, Cuba

Flying into Havana is like a doorway to the past. Filled with classic cars, and abandoned holiday home from the 50's when Americans holidayed in Cuba.

We'll meet at the hotel, me coming from Sydney, you from New York, friends since university. We'll leave our jackets at home, no need for them in the 36 degree heat. Replacing them with sundresses and espadrilles. We'll drink Mojitos at El Floridita, Ernest Hemingway used to drink there, you know. We'll ride in classic car turned cabs that the Americans left behind. Take a yoga class. Walk for hours falling in love with the architecture. Salsa in the street at sunset. We're going to miss our flights, we're not coming home.



 We'll meet you there.

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