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June 08, 2021 2 min read


Jerico Contemporary, a contemporary gallery based in Woolloomooloo Sydney, is no longer the new kid on the block.  Jerico Tracy, the Gallery Director, opened her namesake in September 2016 after she completed 3 art related degrees, sitting on a number art advisor boards and a stint at Christie's in London.

Jerico showcases the work of both established and emerging artists.

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Jerico's upcoming opening on 10 June is Skye Jamieson's 'I dreamt about being here three months later', as a Belle & Bloom ritual, we plan a team outing to experience a bit of culture, drink free wine and add to our respective art collections.


The Event

The team, as one can imagine, has a closet full of Belle & Bloom clothing.  We are all wearing pieces from our new Parisian inspired wardrobe to the event; our Autumn Winter collection. Collectively we are sporting our Last Call Leopard Faux Fur Jacket, our new shoe collection and fan favourite Paisley, boho, the In Your Dreams Maxi Dress, to name a few pieces.

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We arrive a packed Jerico, art fans and hipsters, presumably here for the free wine, spilling out the doors.  We squeeze our way through the crowd to congratulate Skye and drool over her art.   

Working with olive oil, pure pigment, oil paint and china clay, Jamieson’s paintings connect with audiences depends on her ability to convey feelings, views of Canberra, her home town; not pictorial but emotional. 

Her quiet pieces, the result of much experimentation with unconventional materials, are a slow burn as Jamieson eschews drama for the minimalistic intensity that has characterised her portfolio to date.

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We drink cheap wine, graciously thank for the compliments and peruse the pricing catalogue.  I decide on a piece named, 'Feel Water Rushing Past Me As I Sit', true to her minimalist style crafted of pigment, oil paint and clay on a canvas.

boho paisley dress, grey wool coats, luxury leather handbagsDrunk on compliments and culture, we part ways rather early, we have fashion designing to do tomorrow.

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