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Our Ultimate Fashion Icons

July 14, 2021 2 min read


Winter is in full swing and sometimes we need fashion inspo from our all time favourite icons (and how to get the look).

At the top of the list is Jackie Kennedy Onassis, our Queen, the closest thing to fashion royalty with have in the states.  From her printed silk scarves to a classic beige trench coat, Jackie was always dressed to the nine's. Oh and no one does a printed dress like Jackie did.  Our favourite thing about Jackie - her advice about men, 'Your first marriage is for love, the second for money and the third for companionship.' Jackie, we worship you.

 Jackie Kennedy style

Ali McGraw, the 70's icon that every man wanted to date and every women wanted to be.  Ali took a note out of Jackie's book mastering the red silk scarf, this time on the scarf worn on the head.  Her long beige wool coatwas the perfect piece in her masterpiece, 'Love Story'. Our favourite Ali look, the simple beige trench coat. Ali knows.

Ali McGraw style


England's darling, Princess Diana was loved for not only her humanitarianism but also iconic fashion moments. Whether casual or a glamour look, she always nailed it. At races she wears a beige tan blazer dress, on her way to a wedding, a knee length black dress, on a walk with Prince Charles a checked wool coat. Diana, we miss you.

Princess Diana style

Our goddess, Kate Moss, she owns the runway and the streets. Her leopard print faux fur coat is all the rage at a movie premier.  Matching black leather motorcycle jackets for a date night with Johnny Depp. We'll be channeling Kate Moss' winter style all season long.

Kate Moss Johnny Depp style

We could go on forever about our dream girls, until next time x

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