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Belle & Bloom Restaurant Reviews - A Series; Meet Orit

June 18, 2021 2 min read


Gone are the dining days when the streets of Alexandria were lined with tuck shops and takeaway joints. Sydney's Inner West is taking a page out of Surry Hills' book with boutique cafes slowly popping up.  The pioneer of this movement is Belle & Bloom's very own Global Sales & Marketing Director, Orit.


Orit has always had a passion for food, not surprising as she's originally from Israel, the mecca of good food.  Her passion for food become a business when her and her husband decided to open their first cafe in the hungry for wholesome food, Alexandria.


Orit's cafe aptly called, Sub-Station Cafe, from it's history as, you guessed, a functioning electric Sub-Station, is a welcomed treasure to the local and the not-so locals.  Sub-Station is worth the travel.


After drooling over Sub-Station's drool worthy Instagram, I decide to take Orit up on her invite for Saturday brunch.  So last Saturday morning I make my way from Potts Point to meet Orit at her sweetly styled cafe.


As per usual, I arrive at the cafe wearing head to toe in Belle & Bloom garb. It's getting a bit chilly in Sydney so I am wearing my Academy Turtleneck Jumper, a soft sweater in camel colourway and my black genuine suede leather Into the Woods Skirt. Orit and I, both fans of Belle & Bloom' luxury fashion far before working here, is carrying the brown Just Because Leather Shoulder Bag.


The cafe has a vibe about it; leafy with retro touches and a lot of dogs. I'm in heaven, it was definitely worth the travel. Orit orders a flat whites for us and she insists that I try their best selling Acai Smoothie. I'm not sorry she did.  Sub-Station feels like an Israeli cafe with an Inner West twist.  The menu has Challah French Toast and Kashkaval Eggs as well as Avocado & Toast and a Veggie Breaky Roll.


I ordered the Shakshuka, the best shakshuka I've had since my trip to Israel a few years ago. Orit tells me about her favourite dish, Potato Latke's - fresh range scrambled eggs and grilled haloumi with tomato and apple salsa. I try a bit, delish!



I can't help myself and I order a piece of carrot cake AND an apple strudel. I can't help it, I'm American, everyday is like an eating contest!  After one more coffee, I bit Orit adieu with a box of fresh Israeli bagels in hands and a smile on my face.

Whether if be at their Alexandria location or their new Rosebery cafe, Sub-Station delivers great service, distinct character and the most beautiful brunch you've ever had.  Put on your new Walk the Line suede boots get there. Sub-Station Cafe is worth the travel.

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